Learn Coding with Mentors – August Meet-up

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Dubbed as “Learn Coding with Mentors”, students from different schools and universities, professionals and volunteers participated in the event.

Veteran developers with different areas of expertise facilitated the whole half-day seminar and workshop.

Jed Tiotuico, a professional ReactNative and PHP developer, started the seminar by discussing about front end development, mobile development and freelancing.

Rachel Jaro, PDG lead organizer and founder of Koodi Systems

– a startup web development company in Pampanga, discussed everything that needs to know about Technopreneurship.




Technopreneurship and freelancing were added on the seminar to further educate students about the basic aspects of a successful freelance web developer career. It is also an essential building block of a tech business.

The seminar was followed by discussions on PHP and Cake PHP by Web Developer Joshua Sesniel Deloso.



– For our August meet-up, we are changing our program from seminar type to collaborative.

The idea is to get one-on-one with an actual professional. Here is how it works:

– We will invite different professionals to be a mentor.
– Each mentor will be assigned a circle. He/She will have a one-on-one discussion with 3 – 5 students
– Topic will depend on the expertise of the mentor. It could be an introduction to a framework (coding),

intermediate discussion about a language, and/or, theories of programming.
– Each students have full 4 hours only. It is up to the student how to get the information they need in that

span of time.

The registration is open both for mentors and students. Below are the qualifications:

– Comfortable teaching anyone to code in a one-on-one setup
– Teach anything related to tech. We are also open to design topics too

– Tell us why you should be the one. We can only pick a handful (it depends how many mentors we can get).

Event type: Workshop


Date      : Saturday, August 1, 2015

Time     : 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Venue   :  Cloudstaff Office,  DTO Building 4, Level 3,

              SM Clark Pampanga, Philippines

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